Digital Transformation in Utilities
Digital Transformation in Insurance
22nd - 23rd October 2019 | The Business Design Centre, London 

What's happening?
Drive innovation in a shifting insurtech landscape and connect with key stakeholders to shape the future of your industry within a new digital insurance ecosystem.
Insurance Summit

Learn how the Insurance sector stands to benefit from the invention of new security initiatives such as Blockchain to keep customer data and statistics secure and to protect customer data more effectively. 

Also, how insurance companies are utilising new Artificial Intelligence measures to automate their interactions with customers and interpret big data to help predict risk more accurately, to improve the profitability of their overall operations.


Accountability, trust, security and transparency: Blockchain is a game changer for the insurance sector. Find out how this disruptive technology can save you money and improve customer satisfaction.

Insurance is a data heavy industry, often restricted by lengthy processes and poor customer service. AI has the potential to revolutionise these processes through automated and intelligent data analysis.
Customer Experience

In an industry where the customer is often disconnected from their insurance company, creating a customer-driven model must be the priority. We’ll explore how digitalisation can be used to reach this goal.


The rapid growth of the Internet of Things in homes, cars and wearables is having an immeasurable impact in insurance: Understand how to capitalise on an insurance landscape with IoT at its core.

Previous Speakers

Maarten Ectors
Maarten EctorsChief Digital Officer GI, Legal and General
Cecilia Sevillano
Cecilia SevillanoHead Smart Home Solutions, Swiss Re
Edmund Dilger
Edmund DilgerFounder & CEO, PolicyCastle
Matt Poll
Matt PollCEO, Neos Ventures
Paulus Karremans
Paulus KarremansInnovator, Alliander
Kenny Leitch
Kenny LeitchGlobal Connected Insurance Director, RSA
Who Should Attend
Industry Execs
  • Engage with your tech industry leaders — 65%+ of whom are decision makers.

  • See the leading edge across industries including Finance, Insurance, Utilities, Telecoms, Cities, Transport and Healthcare.

  • Connect with entrepreneurs and explore commercial relationships.
  • Network with investors, fellow innovators, and develop partnerships with leading industry participants.

  • Understand what investors across the globe are eager to fund.

  • Get an insight into the mindset of the industry and gain a better grasp of where the market is heading.
  • Meet thought leaders and leave with deep insight into the Digital Transformation landscape.

  • Understand the competitive backdrop and the mindset of likely partners from across Europe.

  • Gain visibility into companies across the full range of categories.
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